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Make your corporate website or landing page with cutting edge design and minimal costs

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How we can help you?


Contemporary design

Increase your conversion rate with a high UX


Сutting edge Front-end

SEO-friendly adaptive layout created using the latest front-end technologies


Motion design

Increase the engagement of your potential clients with the freshest design practices

Make your

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Working stages

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Step 1

Technical task

Tell us about your needs and we will help you to make a technical task

Step 2


We make a cheme of the website and aprove it with you

Step 3


Here we make a visualisation of your website

Step 4


We start to create a layout

Step 5

Back End

Server setup and backend integrations

Step 6


We are holding code review and approve your site with you

Tech support

We provide you full tech support after release

Make your own website

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Other services

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Marketing Automation

A full-service marketing solution. Promote your brand all over the web

Marketing Automaition
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Email Marketing

Empower the communication with your existing customers

Email Marketing
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End-to-End Analytics

Gain more traffic, increase your conversion rate and get full access to the marketing operations in one place

End-to-end analytics

Programmatic Buying

Show your brand to the target audience all over the most popular websites


SEO Services

Increase your website positions in Google in just 3 months

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Performance Marketing

Launch your PPC campaigns using most popular search systems and social media

Social Media