What is Top of Mind Awareness (TOMA) and How Can it Help Your Business?

Andrew Strassmore
Andrew Strassmore
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Updated: 01.12.2022

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Increasing TOMAConclusion

What is top of mind awareness? TOMA is a term that was first coined in the early 1980s by John A. Quelch, a marketing professor at Harvard Business School. It is defined as "the extent to which a company or product is uppermost in consumers' minds when they think about specific product categories." In order to achieve top of mind awareness, businesses need to focus on creating strong branding and marketing campaigns that will keep their company and products at the forefront of consumers' minds.

Increasing TOMA

Businesses can use a variety of strategies to increase their TOMA. One way is to focus on creating highly visible advertisements and campaigns that get people talking about your product or service. This could include using traditional methods such as television and radio ads, billboards, print media, etc., as well as newer methods like digital marketing (social media, Google AdWords, etc.). It’s also important to ensure that your brand's messaging is consistent across all platforms and channels.

Another way to increase top of mind awareness is through direct engagement with customers. This could include sending out customer surveys or conducting focus groups to get feedback on their experiences with your company and products. Additionally, offering incentives, like discounts or loyalty programs, can also help to further reinforce your company's presence in the minds of consumers.

Finally, staying on top of industry trends and news can also help businesses to remain at the forefront of their customers' mind. By staying current with what is happening in the marketplace, you are more likely to be seen as a thought leader and an authority in your industry. This will further enhance your brand's presence and help to create a positive impression for consumers.

Overall, by taking the right steps to increase top of mind awareness, businesses can ensure that their company or products are always uppermost in customers' minds when they think about specific product categories. Doing so will help businesses to remain competitive in their industry and ensure that they are well positioned for future success.


By taking advantage of the strategies outlined above, you can take your business to the next level and increase your bottom line. Start today by focusing on creating strong branding initiatives, engaging with customers directly, and staying on top of industry trends. With the right approach, you can achieve top of mind awareness and ensure that your company remains at the forefront of customers’ minds.

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