What is Moderation and How Does It Affect Your Ads?

Samuel Monse

Samuel Monse

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Updated: 01.12.2022

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In short, moderation is the Quality Control process for a new ad that you've posted. The moderation process will determine whether the ad is eligible to be published. If it doesn't meet the quality guidelines, then it will be rejected.

If you're looking to start advertising your crypto project, you'll want to make sure that you understand moderation. What is moderation, and what does it do for your ad? Knowing the rules of moderation can help you get your crypto ad out there and seen by potential customers. So let's dive into what you need to know about moderation in order to get your crypto project off the ground!

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First, it's important to understand the criteria that are used for determining whether an ad is accepted or rejected: Is it relevant? Does it feature appropriate content? Does it meet the standards of accuracy and professionalism? All these questions must be answered before your crypto ad can be published.

Understanding the Rules

Next, it's important to remember that even if your crypto ad meets all of the criteria for approval, there are still some restrictions in specific countries or ad platforms. Ads must not contain false information, endorse any illegal activities or promote discrimination against any group of people. Ads must also not contain excessive profanity or sexual content.

Finally, make sure that you read through the terms and conditions related to crypto advertising before submitting your ad to be moderated. This will ensure that you can correct any mistakes before it goes live, as well as provide valuable insight into what is and isn't allowed in your crypto ad. Depending on the crypto platform you’re using, these could vary greatly – so be sure to read through any crypto advertising policies before getting started. You don’t want to get caught up in a situation where you accidentally breach the rules, or worse, face fines or worse penalties. In addition, it’s worth noting that crypto regulations vary from country to country – so be extra careful if you plan on running crypto ads internationally! All this might sound daunting, but once you brush up on the basics of crypto advertising terms and conditions, you can rest assured knowing your crypto ad will be compliant and successful.


Moderation might sound like a lot of work, but it's necessary for getting your crypto project out there and seen by potential customers. If you understand the moderation process and follow the rules, then it won't take long at all to get your crypto ad published! So don't delay - get started today!

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