Top 20 P2P Crypto Exchanges For 2023

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Updated: 24.11.2022

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Introduction to peer-to-peer trading

Peer-to-peer (P2P) cryptocurrency exchanges and trading platforms have been at the forefront of the immense growth of the crypto sector in the last decade.

P2P exchanges make it possible for cryptocurrency traders to trade directly with one another without the need for an intermediary or central authority. As such, they are integral to the decentralized nature of cryptocurrencies.

In the last few years, this concept has grown into entire peer-to-peer networks and ecosystems where users can trade, borrow, or lend each other digital currencies.

This gives investors more freedom to trade at their own rate and pace, a clear advantage over the traditional centralized exchanges.

What is the difference between a centralized exchange and a P2P exchange?

The difference is simple - In peer-to-peer trading, you buy directly from another user. In centralized exchanges, you buy crypto off an order book.

The P2P trading method has clear advantages, from having no intermediaries to allowing traders to shop for the best prices and offers.

In most cases, you won’t even pay a fee for buying and selling on P2P platforms. All they do is act as an escrow to ensure the safety and security of transactions for both parties.

Whether you’re looking to buy, sell, borrow, or lend, this article will help you find the peer-to-peer network exchange that fits your exact preferences and location.

Top 20 P2P Crypto Exchanges - Key Takeaways

List of the 20 best peer-to-peer crypto exchanges for 2023


Binance P2P Platform

Many people consider Binance to be the single best peer-to-peer Bitcoin exchange, which could be the reason why it’s the largest cryptocurrency exchange in the world. Binance offers its users hundreds of cryptocurrencies, ranging from giants like Bitcoin and Ethereum to Dogecoin.

Not only that, but P2P trading on Binance has no taker fees and charges only a 0.35% maker fee. P2P traders around the world use Binance to buy, sell, and trade a massive range of altcoins.

While Binance is not traditionally a P2P exchange, it does provide users with a peer-to-peer marketplace that allows them to trade crypto directly with other Binance users.

Binance gives traders freedom by accepting a wide range of local currencies and a variety of payment methods. It even supports instant transfers for traders in a rush for an additional 0.5% fee.


Huobi P2P Exchange

Huobi Global is an Asia-native exchange that provides P2P services, as well as one of the largest and most well-known crypto trading platforms in the world. Operating since 2013, it has continuously improved its features, customer service, and customer experience.

In the volatile crypto market, fast and high-quality customer service is a massive advantage. On its P2P platform, buyers and sellers both pay no fees for their transactions. This makes Huobi Global's platform an incredibly competitive P2P marketplace.

Signing up takes only a few minutes, as Huobi’s platform provides users with an intuitive experience, finding the perfect balance between function and visual appeal.


Gemini P2P Platform

Gemini is one of the largest exchanges in the United States and features a platform designed for beginners to use with ease. Through its online platform Gemini Clearing, it offers off-exchange crypto services and gives you access to more than 60 popular cryptocurrencies.

With no minimum order size and fully anonymous settlements, it has become a popular choice for P2P traders, regardless of whether they’re a beginner or a seasoned pro.

Signing up takes only a few seconds, and Gemini’s peer-to-peer crypto platform is very approachable and easily understandable.


KuCoin P2P Exchange

KuCoin is one of the go-to choices for non-American traders. It allows crypto enthusiasts to utilize their P2P platform and use advanced trading features. On KuCoin, users can earn interest on their crypto while it sits in their wallet, making a case for it to be one of the best P2P crypto platforms in the industry.

There’s a wide pool of buyers and sellers on KuCoin, with the platform claiming one in four users hold assets in their wallets. KuCoin’s transfer fees depend on the type of currency and third-party app used.

Some users might find KuCoin to be less user-friendly than other P2P altcoin exchanges. This is because the platform's goal is to serve more advanced traders.

However, if you successfully complete its learning curve, KuCoin will provide you with countless features (such as margin trading and perpetual contracts) and a customizable trading experience.


Bybit P2P Platform

Bybit is considered by many to be the best P2P crypto exchange for experienced traders. This is because it lets crypto users worldwide trade with leverages for greater profits.

Bybit’s P2P platform allows users to come together at an agreed-upon price and trade crypto assets through more than 80 payment methods. This can be debit cards, credit cards, bank transfers, or even in-person exchange.

The exchange has a simple and straightforward sign-up process. All you have to do is click the Register button, sign up via email or mobile number, and enable two-factor (2FA) authentication to ensure your account’s complete security.


Paxful P2P Platform

Paxful is a United States-based P2P cryptocurrency exchange created with the promise to streamline all peer-to-peer transactions while maximizing security.

To increase transactional security, users must be ready to provide all sorts of data. This includes not only their official documentation but also biometric data.

Paxful charges flat fees for most actions on the platform such as trades and withdrawals. However, every Bitcoin purchase is 100 percent free.

Because Paxful is based in the United States, signing up is a bit more time-consuming because of the ID requirements. Not to mention, pro crypto traders must also submit an identity verification video.

Once your Paxful account is verified, you can fund your crypto wallet and start exploring the online marketplace of buyers and sellers.


OKX P2P Platform

OKX is one of the largest P2P crypto exchanges out there, supporting advanced trading features in over 200 countries around the globe. For active traders, OKX offers more than 100 cryptocurrency pairs for Thether and Bitcoin. This makes it one of the go-to P2P exchanges for users internationally.

Registering can be as simple as writing down your phone number, e-mail address, or even Telegram/Google account. The platform offers different levels of verification, with higher tiers enabling access to more and more features.

Hodl Hodl

Hodl Hodl P2P Platform

Hodl Hodl is a P2P crypto exchange that allows private bartering without any KYC requirements. As a bonus, this exchange also offers a lending service. Users who are new to the platform have to pay a 0.6% transaction fee, but this can be reduced by referring a user to the website.

With an effortless registration process, Hodl Hodl allows you to buy Bitcoin in just a few clicks after you’ve signed up.

You can filter the entire marketplace and only explore offers that match your specific preferences. You can also use other filters, such as filtering by the currency equivalent of the Bitcoins you're searching for. Once you find a suitable offer, you can initiate the trade with the click of a button.


OTCBTC P2P Platform

OTCBTC is a crypto exchange dedicated to increasing the liquidity of blockchain assets globally. Their crypto exchange platform focuses on reliability and efficiency, and this is one of the reasons why it has become the biggest OTC exchange in Asia.

The platform allows a seller to post their own offers in which they can briefly explain how they prefer to be paid. Buyers can then browse the seller marketplace and choose an offer that suits their needs. After that, the trade can be completed online.

The platform also monitors trade activity through a strict KYC process to ensure a safe and easy environment where traders can operate.


WazirX P2P Platform

WazirX is an India-based peer-to-peer crypto exchange that allows users to trade a wide variety of cryptocurrencies for a range of fiat currencies, such as INR.

Many know it as India’s most trusted P2P network; however, it became a part of the Binance family with its acquisition in 2019.

The platform has rich liquidity that allows users to easily engage in transactions and trades. It also has 0.2% maker and taker fees.

Unlike some of the other P2P crypto exchanges on this list, WazirX only allows you to buy and sell in one single stablecoin – Tether (USDT).


LocalBitcoins P2P Platform

LocalBitcoins is one of the only P2P crypto exchanges that match local buyers to local sellers, promoting face-to-face trading for traders who prefer this method. In addition, the platform values simplicity and has established a flat 1% fee per trade for all sides.

That being said, this only applies to users who trade Bitcoin. Users transferring to online wallets inside the LocalBitcoins network can do it completely free.

With their easy-to-navigate website, you can effortlessly sign up and navigate to the information you need. The exchange supports a wide range of payment methods, from cash and wire transfers to PayPal.


Bitzlato P2P Platform

Bitzlato, a Russian company founded in 2013, launched a platform for peer-to-peer trade in 2016. It's the most popular P2P crypto marketplace in Russia. Its total share of the market is over 30 percent.

The most attractive aspect of Bitzlato for users who don't want to divulge their identities is that there is no requirement for mandatory KYC, making it almost fully anonymous.

The platform also features many gift card campaigns. It even does "Coupon Day" which offers users a free voucher in exchange for making a sale. The trading charge at this exchange ranges from 0% to 0.5%.


AgoraDesk P2P Platform

AgoraDesk allows people from any country to use a variety of payment methods to buy and sell Bitcoin. Every trade on the platform is fully secure – in a situation with high counterparty risk, the seller’s funds will be reserved until the end of the trade.

With no KYC, AML, or identity verifications necessary to use, traders can trade Bitcoin through any medium of exchange, including cash. Because of their emphasis on privacy, you don’t even need an email to register. IP addresses are not associated with the accounts of users. It even features a Tor portal and I2P portal.


BitValve P2P Exchange

BitValve is a recently launched P2P exchange that supports over 300 payment options. Its goal is to eliminate all the common disadvantages of decentralized exchanges.

As such, it offers low fees, supports multiple cryptocurrencies, and enables both crypto-to-fiat and crypto-to-crypto trading.

BitValve’s native token, BTV, plays a role in trading fees. If you’re paying in BTV tokens, trading fees can go as low as 0.5%. Keep in mind, a self-custody wallet (such as the Coinbase Wallet) is required to purchase BitValve.


Coindirect P2P Platform

Coindirect is a peer-to-peer Bitcoin exchange focused on striking a balance between beginners and advanced traders. Along with offering P2P services, they also provide their own Wallet and Currency Swap options.

Coindirect might be one of the best P2P crypto exchanges for those who want to dabble in small amounts of crypto. This is because the platform's minimum deposit is just a single dollar. Through its own trading terminals, which include a web version and a mobile application, Coindirect allows users to trade with each other.

The platform features no additional transaction fees, increasing the profit margin for your trading. Registration and verification are simple and straightforward.


Giottus P2P Platform

Giottus is a customer-centric, India-based digital asset trading platform. On Giottus, you can trade across 100s of cryptocurrency pairs all inside a simple, comprehensive platform.

On Giottus, beginners can learn how to use pro trading tools. Its P2P platform allows users to trade without routing any funds to the exchange itself.

Cold wallets on Giottus come with 100% cyber theft insurance to guarantee investor protection. This is because of their trusted partner, Bitgo. Bitgo is a global leader in custodial services and it allows Giottus to guarantee the funds of investors.

Giottus also has a faster KYC process than almost any other platform in the space, giving you the ability to verify your identity and start trading within 10 minutes of signing up.


Remitano P2P Platform

Remitano is a P2P crypto exchange where users can sell and buy digital tokens. The platform also has its own native token, the RENEC token, which plays a role in trading. On Remitano, any verified trader can opt for a margin account and leverage advanced trading tools.

Unlike a lot of competing exchanges, Remitano integrates hefty KYC regulations. A lot of the sellers who are looking for buyers have verified their identities.

There are multiple levels of verification, with the most basic of which requires only a phone verification. Higher levels require more identity verifications and official identity documents. Once you’ve completed your sign-up, you can instantly start buying crypto regardless of your account verification level.


WhalesHeaven P2P Platform

WhalesHeaven is a P2P, custody-free crypto exchange. It allows traders to create auctions and then receive offers for their listings. This exchange integrates a variety of currencies and multi-signature wallets that ultimately allow more flexibility and security. The platform also offers complete 24/7 customer service support.

Withdrawing incurs absolutely no fees and gives users the option to swap tokens from various blockchains on a safe, secure network.

As of now, you can purchase and trade cryptocurrencies on the Binance SmartChain, Ethereum, and Avalanche blockchains.


Bisq P2P Platform

Bisq P2P is a great example of a decentralized platform that facilitates cryptocurrency trades without any central authority. Not only that, but the platform boasts an impressively wide variety of cryptocurrency coins.

On its user-friendly website, anyone may create an account and conduct transactions for a modest cost. An account may be created after downloading the platform’s app.

It's a great peer-to-peer cryptocurrency exchange for beginners because of its simple user interface, which clearly explains how to finish your trade and complete your transaction.


LocalCoinSwap P2P Platform

Final on our list for the best P2P crypto exchanges is LocalCoinSwap, a platform that provides escrow services that secure money and data transfers.

With that said, it has earned a spot as a high-quality P2P crypto exchange due to its intuitive platform where beginners can learn the basics of trading.

Additionally, this peer-to-peer crypto exchange offers optional KYC checks, and its platform is entirely driven by its community.

In terms of the user experience, the platform has a simplistic trading view, so beginners aren’t overwhelmed by charts and metrics. You can buy and sell Bitcoin directly from the homepage, but you can also do this on your order history page.

The exchange has two types of fees: a flat 1% when you’re trading and a 0.00045 Bitcoin for each withdrawal.


In 2023, crypto investors and traders will have a variety of choices to choose from when it comes to finding the best P2P crypto marketplace for their needs.

Whether you’re looking for a well-known P2P service such as Bybit or Binance or you’re searching for a localized option like WhalesHeaven or OTCBTC, we’ve got you covered.

In 2022, we’re leaving behind notable peer-to-peer crypto exchange LocalCryptos, which announced it’s going to slowly cease its activity after five years of operation. This just goes to show no platform is without flaws in the crypto market. But each platform also has its advantages.

That’s why we created this article to help you find the best choice for you and your journey in peer-to-peer trading in 2023.

Ultimately, this will be the exchange that provides you with the best safety and security while still matching your preferences for payment options and location.


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