Top 20 Crypto Launchpads For 2023: Market Overview

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Updated: 06.11.2022

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What is a crypto launchpad?

A crypto launchpad is a platform that helps new and upcoming projects market their tokens and raise funds. In most cases, the projects that are listed on a launchpad have undergone rigorous screening by the team behind the launchpad. This ensures that only high-quality projects make it onto the platform.

It also allows crypto enthusiasts to invest in projects before they get public. By doing so, crypto launchpads provide early-stage investors with the opportunity to get in on the ground floor of promising new ventures. In addition, crypto launchpads offer a degree of security and vetting that is not typically available to investors in traditional financial markets. As a result, crypto launchpads have become an increasingly popular destination for those looking to invest in the next big thing.

Main Points

A crypto launchpad is a platform that provides retail investors with access to early stage investing in blockchain projects listed on the platform.
Crypto launchpads help new cryptocurrency projects get started by providing them with funding, resources, and a community of investors.
DAO Maker, Polkastarter, Binance Launchpad, Red Kite, and GameFi are the top 5 crypto launchpads.

How do crypto launchpads work?

Generally, crypto launchpads work by listing a new project on their platform and allowing investors to purchase tokens during a pre-sale. In most cases, the tokens that are sold during the pre-sale are offered at a significant discount to their eventual market price. This is done in order to incentivize early investment and help the project raise funds for its development.

In some cases, the tokens sold during the pre-sale will be immediately tradeable on secondary markets. However, in other cases, the tokens may be subject to a vesting period during which they cannot be sold. This is done in order to ensure that investors are committed to the long-term success of the project.

What are the benefits of investing in a crypto launchpad?

There are several benefits to investing in a crypto launchpad. First and foremost, crypto launchpads offer investors the opportunity to get in on the ground floor of new and promising projects. This gives them the potential to see significant returns on their investment if the project is successful.

In addition, crypto launchpads provide a degree of security and vetting that is not typically available in traditional financial markets. By carefully screening the projects that they list, crypto launchpads help to ensure that only high-quality projects make it onto their platform. This helps to protect investors from scams and other bad actors in the space.

Finally, crypto launchpads often offer significant discounts on the tokens that they list. This is done in order to incentivize early investment and help the projects raise funds for their development. As a result, investors who purchase tokens during the pre-sale phase can potentially see substantial returns on their investment if the project is successful.

What are the risks of investing in a crypto launchpad?

As with any investment, there are always risks involved. One of the biggest risks associated with investing in a crypto launchpad is the fact that many of these projects are still in their early stages of development. This means that there is a higher degree of risk associated with these types of investments.

Moreover, because the crypto market is still relatively new and unregulated, there is always the risk of fraud and scams. There have been a number of high-profile cases of fraud in the crypto space, and investors need to be aware of the risks before they put their money into any project.

All in all, it's important to remember that even the best-planned projects can sometimes fail. While crypto launchpads do provide a degree of security and vetting, there is no guarantee that every project listed on a launchpad will be successful. As such, it's important to diversify your investment portfolio and only invest what you can afford to lose.

What are the best crypto launchpads?

To help you make the best decision, we've compiled a list of the 20 best crypto launchpads. From well-established platforms like Binance and OKEx to newer players like and Huobi Prime, we've got you covered. So, whether you're looking for a simple way to raise funds or want to take your project to the next level, be sure to check out our list of the best crypto launchpads sorted by current and all time high ROI.

DAO Maker

DAO Maker launchpad is the leading crypto launchpad in our rank. It is a project that helps crypto startups to raise funds and promote their products. The launchpad has a team of experienced professionals who provide valuable advice and support to startups. They also have a strong community of crypto enthusiasts who are always ready to help out. The launchpad provides a platform for startups to connect with investors and promote their products. They also offer a wide range of services, such as marketing, PR, and community management. In addition, they offer a crypto exchange that allows startups to list their tokens. Overall, the DAO Maker launchpad is a great option for crypto startups looking to raise funds and promote their products.

  • Conducted IDOs: 105
  • Current ROI: 1.40x
  • ATH ROI: 39.81x
  • Capital Raised: $42M
  • Project's Capitalization: $567M

Polkastarter is making a big splash in the crypto world with their launchpad platform. As the second largest crypto launchpad, they are providing a much-needed venue for crypto projects to get funded and launched. In addition to being a hub for crypto projects, Polkastarter is also known for their highly engaging community. From social media influencers to crypto enthusiasts, the Polkastarter community is full of people eager to learn about and support new projects. With such a supportive environment, it's no wonder that Polkastarter is quickly becoming the go-to launchpad for many crypto projects.

  • Conducted IDOs: 106
  • Current ROI: 0.65x
  • ATH ROI: 35.54x
  • Capital Raised: $32M
  • Project's Capitalization: $373M
Binance Launchpad

The Binance Launchpad is a new entrant in the crypto launchpad space. It is a subsidiary of Binance, one of the largest cryptocurrency exchanges in the world. The launchpad allows projects to raise funds through the sale of their tokens. The tokens are then listed on the Binance Exchange, providing liquidity for investors. The launchpad has been very successful so far, with a number of high-profile projects raising millions of dollars through it. However, it is not without its critics, who argue that the launchpad gives an unfair advantage to projects that are affiliated with Binance. Nevertheless, the launchpad remains a popular option for crypto projects looking to raise funds.

  • Conducted IDOs: 64
  • Current ROI: 0.80x
  • ATH ROI: 36.11x
  • Capital Raised: $16M
  • Project's Capitalization: $106M
Red Kite

Red Kite crypto launchpad is a new crypto project founded in 2021 that is getting a lot of attention from the crypto community. The team behind the project is experienced and has a proven track record in the industry. The project is focused on providing a platform for projects to launch their ICOs and raise funds. The platform is user-friendly and is designed to make it easy for projects to get started. The team is also active on social media and is always available to answer questions from the community. The project is still in its early stages, but the team is already making progress and has plans to launch more features in the future. Overall, the Red Kite crypto launchpad seems like a promising project with a lot of potential.

  • Conducted IDOs: 70
  • Current ROI: 0.60x
  • ATH ROI: 39.49x
  • Capital Raised: $9M
  • Project's Capitalization: $96M

The crypto gaming industry is on the rise, and GameFi is leading the charge with its crypto launchpad. The launchpad is specifically designed for crypto gaming projects, and it has already served more than 50 IDOs. By offering a one-stop shop for crypto gaming projects, GameFi is making it easier than ever for developers to get their products off the ground. In addition to providing funding, the launchpad also offers access to a community of experienced gamers and developers. With everything under one roof, GameFi is making it easier than ever for crypto gaming projects to succeed.

  • Conducted IDOs: 54
  • Current ROI: 0.56x
  • ATH ROI: 49.40x
  • Capital Raised: $7M
  • Project's Capitalization: $53M

BullPerks is a decentralized venture capital and crypto launchpad that supports GameFi, DeFi and NFT projects. This makes it a great choice for crypto enthusiasts who are looking to invest in a variety of different projects. BullPerks is also one of the few crypto launchpads that's open to non-accredited investors, which makes it accessible to everyone. The team behind BullPerks seems to be very experienced and is backed by some big names in the crypto world, which gives me confidence in their ability to deliver on their promises. Overall, I'm very impressed with what BullPerks has to offer and I'm excited to see what the future holds for this project.

  • Conducted IDOs: 46
  • Current ROI: 0.75x
  • ATH ROI: 41.03x
  • Capital Raised: $5M
  • Project's Capitalization: $90M
PAID Network

PAID Network crypto launchpad is one of the newest crypto launchpads out there, having only been founded in 2021. However, don't let its youth fool you - PAID Network crypto launchpad is already making waves in the crypto world. PAID Network crypto launchpad works with projects on both the BNB and Ethereum blockchain, making it one of the most versatile crypto launchpads around. And, because PAID Network crypto launchpad is still relatively new, you can be sure that you're getting in on the ground floor of a major player in the crypto space. So if you're looking for a crypto launchpad that can offer you both flexibility and growth potential, PAID Network crypto launchpad is definitely worth checking out.

  • Conducted IDOs: 46
  • Current ROI: 0.46x
  • ATH ROI: 26.19x
  • Capital Raised: $24M
  • Project's Capitalization: $293M

TrustPad is a crypto launchpad that is gaining popularity in the crypto community. It is a multi-chain IDO launchpad with a daily project's volume over $200M. The great thing about TrustPad is that it allows you to invest in multiple crypto projects at the same time. This is a huge advantage over other crypto launchpads that only allow you to invest in one project at a time. Another great thing about TrustPad is that it has a very user-friendly interface. Even if you are new to the world of crypto, you will be able to navigate the site and make your investment easily.

  • Conducted IDOs: 115
  • Current ROI: 0.56x
  • ATH ROI: 19.74x
  • Capital Raised: $21.5M
  • Project's Capitalization: $124M

Seedify is a crypto launchpad that provides an opportunity for early-stage investment in blockchain gaming projects. It was founded in 2021 by a team of entrepreneurs and gaming industry veterans. The platform is designed to be user-friendly and intuitive, and it offers a variety of features that make it appealing to both investors and developers. One of the key advantages of Seedify is that it allows developers to raise funds without giving up equity or control of their project. This makes it an attractive option for many early-stage startups. In addition, Seedify also offers a number of other benefits, such as a simple application process, a wide range of payment options, and a strong focus on customer service.

  • Conducted IDOs: 54
  • Current ROI: 0.48x
  • ATH ROI: 31.71x
  • Capital Raised: $18M
  • Project's Capitalization: $77M

Starter crypto launchpad is a leading blockchain company specializing in play & earn gaming, incubating, and decentralized fundraising opportunities in Web3. The company was founded in 2021 by a team of experienced crypto entrepreneurs, investors, and developers.

The crypto launchpad provides a unique platform for launching new crypto projects. It offers a variety of features that make it an attractive option for crypto startups. For example, the crypto launchpad provides access to a large community of crypto enthusiasts, a listing on a major exchange, and exposure to potential investors. In addition, the crypto launchpad offers a number of resources that can help startups to succeed. These resources include a library of educational materials, a forum for discussion and collaboration, and a team of experienced mentors.

  • Conducted IDOs: 41
  • Current ROI: 0.79x
  • ATH ROI: 22.58x
  • Capital Raised: $5M
  • Project's Capitalization: $21M

TrustSwap crypto launchpad was founded in 2020. It provides exclusive access to crypto startups before they hit the market. The launchpad works with projects built on Solana, Polygon, BNB, Ethereum, and Avalanche. The crypto space is growing at an alarming rate and it can be difficult to keep up with all the new projects and their progress. TrustSwap crypto launchpad is a great way to get an inside look at some of the most promising crypto startups. The team behind TrustSwap has a wealth of experience in the crypto space and they are able to identify high-quality projects that have potential to succeed. If you're looking for a way to get an edge in the crypto world, TrustSwap crypto launchpad is definitely worth checking out.

  • Conducted IDOs: 28
  • Current ROI: 0.80x
  • ATH ROI: 24.54x
  • Capital Raised: $20M
  • Project's Capitalization: $130M

Bounce crypto launchpad is one of the old kids on the block, having been founded in 2020. Bounce works with projects built on both the BNB and Ethereum blockchain, and it boasts an impressive ATH IDO ROI of 38.19x. In other words, this is a launchpad that knows how to get results. And for investors, that's exactly what we're looking for. So overall, I'd say that Bounce deserves to be included in rank as one of the best crypto launchpads out there.

  • Conducted IDOs: 18
  • Current ROI: 0.67x
  • ATH ROI: 38.19x
  • Capital Raised: $864K
  • Project's Capitalization: $24M

ETHPad is one of the first IDO platforms on Ethereum. It has been operational since early 2021 and has so far helped to launch several successful crypto projects. The average IDO ROI on ETHPad is around 220%, which is significantly higher than other crypto launchpads. The platform has a user-friendly interface and is very user-friendly. Overall, ETHPad is a great crypto launchpad for those looking for efficient investing opportunities.

  • Conducted IDOs: 8
  • Current ROI: 3.13x
  • ATH ROI: 91.24x
  • Capital Raised: $2,7M
  • Project's Capitalization: $29M

TronPad is the crypto launchpad of choice for many crypto enthusiasts, and for good reason. The average ROI for its IDOs is an impressive 196%, which is well above average for crypto launchpads. And with only 5 IDOs under its belt, TronPad is already making a big impact. But what makes TronPad so special? First and foremost, it's the only crypto launchpad that's partnered with TRON Network. This gives it access to TRON's vast resources and ecosystem, which means better support and opportunities for TronPad's projects. Secondly, TronPad has a great team behind it that's passionate about crypto and committed to making TronPad a success. Overall, TronPad is a great choice for those looking for a top-quality crypto launchpad.

  • Conducted IDOs: 5
  • Current ROI: 2.97x
  • ATH ROI: 115.03x
  • Capital Raised: $600K
  • Project's Capitalization: $5M

The crypto world is full of acronyms, and one of the latest is AcceleRaytor. This crypto launchpad is designed to help new projects get off the ground quickly and efficiently. The platform offers a range of services, including a listing service, a marketing service, and a community management service. All of these services are designed to help projects save time and money, and to get the visibility they need to succeed. In addition, AcceleRaytor also provides an accelerator program, which helps projects to raise funds and to reach their goals more quickly. The company's previous IDO success also provides a significant boost to the potential of this launchpad. In any case, the preceding IDOs statistics appear quite impressive, making this launchpad appealing to retail investors.

  • Conducted IDOs: 5
  • Current ROI: 0.73x
  • ATH ROI: 34.34x
  • Capital Raised: $10M
  • Project's Capitalization: $56M

Poolz is a crypto launchpad that allows retail investors to invest in web3 projects and developers to list their projects on their launchpad. The platform is designed to be simple and user-friendly, with a focus on project discovery and due diligence. Poolz is also one of the first crypto launchpads to offer a staking mechanism, which allows users to earn rewards for participating in the platform's ecosystem. Overall, Poolz is a well-rounded crypto launchpad that offers a variety of features and benefits for both investors and developers.

  • Conducted IDOs: 91
  • Current ROI: 0.29x
  • ATH ROI: 17.40x
  • Capital Raised: $15M
  • Project's Capitalization: $95M

Gamestarter is a crypto launchpad that helps blockchain gaming projects get off the ground. The platform provides a range of services, including funding, mentorship, and community support. Gamestarter has already helped launch several successful gaming projects, and it shows no signs of slowing down. The team behind Gamestarter is passionate about gaming and blockchain technology, and it's clear that they're committed to helping others succeed.

In addition, Gamestarter also offers a number of unique benefits for investors, including access to exclusive gaming events and early access to new games. As a result, Gamestarter is an excellent option for both experienced and novice crypto investors who are looking to get involved in the growing blockchain gaming industry.

  • Conducted IDOs: 39
  • Current ROI: 0.38x
  • ATH ROI: 28.48x
  • Capital Raised: $5M
  • Project's Capitalization: $21M

PancakeSwap is a bit different from other crypto launchpads in that it's built on the Binance Smart Chain, which is a relatively new blockchain that's designed to be faster and cheaper than Ethereum. The launchpad itself is pretty straightforward: you deposit your crypto into a pool, and then you can choose to either sell your tokens or hold them. If you hold your tokens, you'll earn a percentage of the fees that are generated from trades on the platform. The whole process is pretty simple and easy to understand, which is definitely a positive. However, there are a few things to keep in mind before you dive in. First of all, PancakeSwap is still a fairly new platform, so there's always the potential for things to go wrong. Additionally, because it's built on the Binance Smart Chain, there's a risk that it could be subject to the same sort of high fees and slow speeds that have become all too common on Ethereum. Overall, PancakeSwap is a solid option for anyone who's looking to get involved in crypto trading. It's simple to use and has the potential to be quite profitable. However, as with any new platform, there's always some risk involved. So make sure you do your research before you invest any money.

  • Conducted IDOs: 23
  • Current ROI: 1.13x
  • ATH ROI: 14.91x
  • Capital Raised: $35M
  • Project's Capitalization: $164M
Impossible Finance

Impossible Finance crypto launchpad has quickly established itself as one of the leading platforms in the space. It has launched several successful IDOs and offers great opportunities as for investors as for developers. The team behind Impossible Finance crypto launchpad is experienced and committed to making the platform a success. They are constantly innovating and expanding the platform's capabilities.

  • Conducted IDOs: 14
  • Current ROI: 1.06x
  • ATH ROI: 24.88x
  • Capital Raised: $6.7M
  • Project's Capitalization: $50M

ZENDIT provides investors with access to high potential blockchain projects on Ethereum, BNB and Polygon blockchain. The best part about ZENDIT is that it takes a hands-off approach when it comes to project due diligence and listing. This means that investors can be rest assured that they are getting access to quality projects. Another plus point is that ZENDIT has a minimum investment requirement of just $100, making it one of the most accessible crypto launchpads out there.

  • Conducted IDOs: 28
  • Current ROI: 0.43x
  • ATH ROI: 20.09x
  • Capital Raised: $6.8M
  • Project's Capitalization: $108M

Final words

There you have it! These are just a few of the many excellent crypto launchpads that are currently available. If you're looking to get involved in the world of crypto investing, these platforms are definitely worth checking out. Just remember to do your own research before you invest any money. And always be cautious with new platforms and projects. Good luck!


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