Top 10 Crypto Ad Networks for 2023

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Updated: 20.11.2022

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Promotions of crypto-related projects on tech giant platforms like Google, Facebook, and Twitter are quite stringent. However, the adoption of crypto ad networks has grown considerably as more marketers tend to consider it.

Although these Ad networks are similar to Google Adsense, they are more relevant and specific for crypto and crypto-based projects. Moreover, owners of crypto blogs can earn a decent amount from ad networks monthly, provided they sign up for their services.

Therefore, they act as intermediaries between crypto advertisers and publishers (like crypto influencers). It is a win-win approach for both crypto projects that want visibility and crypto bloggers with the right audience. However, the amount of money you earn as a publisher varies since advertisers pay different amounts for different Ads.

Key Takeaways

Crypto ad networks are specifically designed for the crypto niche.
Advertising through crypto ads networks is meant to project business marketing efforts and help companies reach the right audience with targeted messages and crypto banner ads that convert potential viewers into paying customers.
Every crypto ad network is unique in its services; hence, you must carefully select the one that best suits your crypto advertising needs.

List of Top 10 Crypto Ad Networks for 2023


It is a crypto ad-centric company with long-standing services in crypto advertising, NFT projects, and blockchain projects.

Adshares advertising campaign services range from CPA (cost per action) to CPM or pop-under ads.

It also offers promotional services for sponsored articles on newsletters, exchange listings, Top blockchain banners, etc.

Due to its underlying blockchain infrastructure, all payments and advertising operations are seamless, autonomous, and transparent.

  • Users can easily customize Ads
  • Easy registration process with no verification requirements
  • Reliable payments
  • Handy AdBlock bypass feature
  • Premium sites and exchanges are accessible
  • Concise analytics
  • Prioritizes crypto websites
  • No referral reward program


A robust platform with a significant traffic volume housing more than 400 publishers and about 1000 marketers, popular exchanges like Kucoin and Paragon currently use CoinTraffic.

As they always say, "variety is the spice of life." CoinTraffic has the kind of variety (advertising format) that can accommodate different advertising needs. These formats support CPM and pop-up advertising models in its revenue strategy.

Although there are no affiliate marketing models, neither is there an option for customization of ads, but you can always discuss with a dedicated account manager that will oversee your campaign performance.

Regarding verification, CoinTraffic has zero tolerance for shady projects, which is why it only features legitimate projects on its network.

Unlike Ad block, the minimum withdrawal fee is £25, and payments on coin traffic can be made using either crypto or fiat currency.

  • Significant traffic
  • Fairly customizable campaigns
  • Minimal withdrawal fees of £25
  • Healthy traffic and impression rate
  • No referral reward program
  • No CPC ad model
  • Stringent website requirements


The seven-year-old advertising network has a track record of being the most secure and trusted crypto ad network, with 20,000 monetized publishers and marketing brands on its platform.

Coinzilla's major value propositions are its support for crypto and fiat payment options with minimal deposits, such as 0.05 BTC, 0.5 ETH, or €5000 with weekly and monthly payment options.

It also has an array of highly customizable options like pop-ups, native, CPM, pop-ups, and other advanced options like the creative phase to cap it up.

And talking about verification and a penchant for legitimacy, CoinZilla seems very skeptical about the kind of websites it accepts. This is because it wants to expose brands to high-quality leads.

The robust referral rewards program gives a 10% reward.

  • Robust referral reward program (10%) cash out
  • 24/7 customer support
  • High requirements standards for advertisers
  • Accommodates only legitimate crypto projects
  • Stringent website requirements
  • Minimal fees are still higher when compared to its
  • So only websites with outstanding engagements history, user-friendly interface, fast-loading


It launched sometime in 2011 and is currently the oldest in the list of crypto ad networks. It has, over time, garnered over 70 million impressions and over 60,000 clicks per day, indicating that it's still a preferable choice for crypto bloggers and marketers.

Its major selling points are its promotion of anonymity in transactions and its removal of KYC requirements.

Many marketers and crypto bloggers prefer the A-Ads first because they use their Bitcoin address without creating an account and secondly because the platform is compatible with GamFi apps.

Its attractive interface and customization options, such as geotargeting and ad placement, give a convenient experience to marketers.

Apart from its CPA & CPM bidding mechanism, A-Ads has the cost per day (CPD) model, which is the best for a flexible daily budget.

However, the platform only accepts payments in cryptocurrency, and users can earn passively through its referral program.

  • It has no stringent verification process
  • Anonymity
  • Has referral program
  • Ads campaigns can be customized
  • User-friendly interface.
  • Responsive customer support.
  • High susceptibility to scam websites
  • Your ads could show on low-quality websites.
  • Accepts payments in only cryptocurrencies


Touted as one of the pioneers in the crypto advertising market, it is currently the highest in site visits. Bitmedia currently houses over 5,000 crypto websites, with about 20,000 campaigns running on the network.

Choosing any other crypto ads network company for your ads will be difficult because Bitmedia already has over 1 billion impressions worldwide and a whopping 20 million site visits monthly.

Bitmedia prefers only crypto-related sites but only takes non-crypto sites with a reputation for quality content and high engagement. Its AI-based targeting option comprises frequency posting timing and geo device.

Besides its CPM and CPC advertising models, clients are also subjected to strict verification processes to eliminate bots, paid traffic bots, and impression manipulators.

Minimum withdrawal is pegged at 0.0001 BTC.

  • User-friendly interface.
  • AI algorithms ensure the accurate mapping of ads to the right users.
  • Reliable payment option.
  • Adjustable campaign model.
  • Minimal risk of bot manipulation.
  • Has no referral program
  • Payment only in crypto
  • Prioritizes crypto website


This crypto ad network has a very controlled engagement policy for featuring websites; CoinAd carries out independent due diligence on crypto publishers and selects the best for their website.

Selected publishers are entitled to several advantages; some of these advantages are the opportunity to access over 200 crypto websites using different Ads formats.

Trending crypto websites hoping to generate great traffic can also connect with established advertisers, and the advertisers will have full control over timing, geo-targeting, and ad display options.

Payment on Coin Ad is made every week using Paypal or a bitcoin wallet.

  • High-quality websites
  • The minimum withdrawal is 0.005 BTC
  • Reliable weekly payments
  • It accepts fiat currencies since it uses PayPal
  • Regimented invite-only policy
  • No referral program

AdEx Network

Launched in 2017, the AdEx network was initially coined from the phrase advertising network. The crypto ad network is fully decentralized; advertisers and publishers have an environment devoid of risk, fraud, and privacy breaches.

AdEx Network was majorly designed to meet the needs of a wider crypto audience. With its underlying decentralized infrastructure, transparency, especially in areas of payments for traffic and tracking of ads on the dashboards, is top-notch.

AdEx indigenous governance token (ADX) is currently listed on major exchanges like Binance and Houbi Global. The ADX is used to facilitate transactions on the network, and some of these transactions include payment for ads placements and easy conversation of ADX to fiat during withdrawals.

  • User privacy
  • Quality traffic
  • Indigenous token (ADX)
  • Fully decentralized advertising platform
  • Users can customize their ads
  • Crypto payments are restricted to ADX
  • No referral program


It is a top UK-based crypto ad network launched in 2017. It only accepts crypto-related websites above 300,000 on the Alexa ranking but rejects websites built on crypto faucets and BlogSpots.

Aside from being very strict with publishers, DOT offers varying banner sizes for advertisers at a minimal cost of 0.002 BTC.

Depending on the kind of traffic you want, you can always select from the different advanced targeting options.

  • Accepts crypto as payments (preferably Bitcoin).
  • Real-time report
  • Traffic from Crypto websites
  • Payments for publishers take almost 48 hours.
  • Very strict for publishers.
  • Do not accept fiat currencies

Apart from being powered by blockchain, AdBit has core operational tentacles spread around cryptocurrencies and DeFi. It accommodates text-based and banner ads, which is one reason it's the fastest-growing network for crypto-minded publishers in the Crypto-space.

Adbit has a price-per-click model that relies solely on an intelligent bidding system to determine the best price for your ads automatically.

The sign-up process is devoid of stringent verification, and its dual payment options in either crypto or fiat make it more accessible.

With Adbit, there is a 100% certainty that your customizable ads will permeate not just crypto websites but also other websites like gambling and adult-related sites.

  • User-friendly interface
  • Fast payment method
  • Different payment options in crypto or fiat
  • Ads can be customized
  • Poor customer support service
  • It has a limited ad format


The name was coined from the mannerisms of the monitor lizard "Varanidae."

France-based crypto ads network launched in 2018 is all out to promote a Verified Ad Program (VAD), leading to a decentralized and transparent digital ecosystem.

Varanida is designed to provide crypto ads services and, at the same time, protect user privacy and experience.

Users on Varanida can decide which advertisement they want to be exposed to.

  • Web users have more control.
  • Verified ad protocol
  • Fraud detection technique.
  • The reward for your using the platform.
  • Has its indigenous token (VAD)
  • Restricted to crypto websites
  • Has no referral program


Everything you've been reading is a conscious attempt to give you the best ten crypto ad networks you can use to optimize your crypto interests.

Most times, a crypto project's success depends not only on its use cases but also on the quality and type of marketing campaigns used to engage the right audience.

Crypto ads networks are the vehicle that conveys every crypto-project idea and plans to its destination (Audience).

So choosing the right crypto ad networks for your project is important.


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