Is Discord Advertising In Crypto Useless?

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Updated: 13.11.2022

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Sometimes ago, discord used to be only popular among gamers. It is now a good place for many crypto advocates and enthusiasts to hang out online, and the number of blockchain projects adopting it continues to grow rapidly. This is not surprising since discord has fantastic features that crypto projects can leverage.

Of course, these features on discord can be fully maximized especially if you are working on an NFT project. Thus, it is an excellent medium to easily persuade non-crypto gamers to be part of your project either as active participants or investors. This is only possible from the exposure the platform gives you.

Well, is discord advertising in crypto really useless? Let's take a proper look into discord and its features and determine if it suits your crypto marketing campaigns.

What Is Discord?

Discord is a free communication platform where individuals with similar interests, especially gamers, converge to share information via voice, video, and text chats. Its large user base makes it a suitable online platform for networking with like-minded individuals.

Aside from gamers, it is now a good medium for crypto enthusiasts to connect with one another and talk about crypto-related topics. Each server on discord has defined rules and regulations that oversee its users' activities. However, users can remain anonymous under a pseudonym, which aligns with cryptography's principle.

Components of Discord That Makes It Suitable For Marketing

When marketing your blockchain products, effective communication is quite important. Discord gives users access to tools that make communication easier among them. It comes with gamer-focused services that are useful for the general public, including blockchain projects.


Discord servers can be likened to groups on other social media platforms, but their unique features impart some liveliness to your marketing campaigns. These features help foster community engagements, which your project can leverage on.

A discord server can also accommodate many users, which is an added advantage compared to other platforms.


Discord channels are an essential component of any server. A server can feature multiple channels, each with a specific purpose. Several channels in a server are usually dedicated to different topics.

This way, you can discourage unnecessary discussions on each channel as members engage with other like-minded users. You can also modify the permissions on each channel for a better user experience.


You can incorporate bots on your discord servers to automate repetitive or other activities. Discord bots can help you welcome new members, start insightful conversations, conduct games, et cetera.

Discord bots can also help you to provide good customer service, provided they are well-programmed. If you don’t know how to set up these functions, you may hire an agency or an experienced discord manager.

Why Discord Is A Good Source Of Engagement

Discord is a good source of engagement among your community and team members. Below are reasons to consider discord for your marketing campaigns when engagement matters.

Community Incentives

Giving users incentives is one way you can boost your community engagements. Doing this manually could be overwhelming; however, you can automate the process by creating a discord bot specifically for your project. This helps you reward members for their participation in the various events you organize and their contributions towards building the project.

One good thing is that the bots can be programmed to incentivize users directly with your tokens.

Spam Control

Users may experience poor interactions with your server when they get inundated with irrelevant information or links from other sources. Therefore, you must put such activities under good control. Discord usually has a better measure to curb the activities of spammers and eliminate links or information unrelated to your project. Your moderation team or a specific bot can easily scan through chats and remove the bad ones.

User Interface

The discord user interface is quite appealing and can foster good interactions among your community members. Users can communicate with one another in real-time via text and voice chats. And whether you're running only crypto and/or NFTs projects, it perfectly suits your campaigns.

Team Management

You can create a separate channel within your server to oversee the activities and communicate with your team members. Of course, this may be possible on other platforms, but it is more effective on discord because each channel is still within a single server.

Your team members can easily communicate via group video and audio calls. This contributes to their productivity, which benefits your community and the project as a whole.

What Blockchain Projects Can You Market On Discord?

You can market virtually all blockchain projects on discord in addition to non-fungible tokens and cryptocurrencies.

Marketing NFTs On Discord

Because of the massive patronage of NFTs among discord communities, it is easy for you to advertise your NFT products on discord. You can even collaborate with other NFT projects for mutual gains. When collaborating with other projects, it is unnecessary to spam their platforms with your links; instead, adopt a modest marketing strategy.

Marketing or promoting your NFT game could give you an edge in the market. This is because the platform is a point of convergence between gamers (who are aware of NFTs’ potential) and NFT enthusiasts.

Crypto & Other Related Applications

The popularity gained by discord among crypto enthusiasts is due to the restrictions placed by social media giants, including Facebook, Twitter, et cetera. Virtually every crypto project now includes a discord to their contact us page, which could indicate how relevant it is to them.

Discord servers can accommodate a very large number of users. Therefore, it is easier for crypto projects to promote their tokens by holding various contests on this platform than on any other ones.

Launchpad Marketing

Running a launchpad for your crypto project serves two purposes; minting and marketing the tokens. Launchpad can give your project very good exposure if done correctly and on the right platform. It benefits NFT creators and projects focusing on Initial Dex Offerings (IDOs) or Initial Game Offerings (IGOs).

If you’re an NFT creator or running an IGO, your launchpad should be marketed to your intended users. This means you take your product to where potential users are concentrated. And discord is a good option to consider.

DeFi Venture Marketing

Decentralized finance (DeFi) has gained much popularity, probably due to issues that plague traditional finance. Of course, DeFi is relatively new in the crypto space, and many individuals with innovative ideas are taking advantage of the opportunity it presents.

However, you might consider promoting your DeFi venture on discord due to regulatory activities on other platforms. You could also take advantage of its unique features to create an appealing environment for your members.

ICO & STO Marketing

Initial Coin Offering (ICO) and Security Token Offering (STO) are ways budding entrepreneurs raise funds for their projects' development. However, many projects find it difficult to reach the desired target due to poor marketing strategies.

Also, choosing the right platform to market your ICO or STO is important; discord marketing could contribute immensely to your results.


From the array of opportunities discord presents to your project, would you say it is useless for marketing purposes or not? Well, it is a very useful marketing medium for blockchain projects owing to its unique features and other advantages highlighted in this article.

My recommendation is that if your team lacks the knowledge to handle your discord marketing activities properly, you should consider hiring a marketing agency or a knowledgeable individual.


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