How to Promote DAO Projects and Involve New Audience?

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Updated: 06.11.2022

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There is no doubt that DAO projects are gaining more and more popularity in 2022. DAOs show impressive growth with the market cap over $26,000,000,000 according to the CoinMarketCap. Thousands of new DAOs are entering the market nowadays and it’s not a secret for anybody that success of such sort of projects is built on its popularity. That’s why marketing plays not the last role here. In this article we are going to describe some ways of DAO projects promotion and give you some useful tips that will surely attract new customers.

CoinMarketCap listing

CoinMarketCap is a place where all cryptocurrency projects gather together. It’s monthly traffic is about 185 million users per month. CoinMarketCap is a trusted source where cryptocommunity can get all necessary information about crypto projects, meanwhile business can tell about itself.

No doubt, it is a “must-have'' marketing instrument for the DAO project. The next question is how to get listed here and how much would it cost? The answer is - it will cost you nothing! CoinMarketCap says that listing is always free and all you need is to match listing criterias and submit the form.

Besides CoinMarketCap there are plenty of popular aggregators like Cryptorank, CoinGecko and others that may also help to promote you DAO project.

PR activity

In order to build the reputation of a reliable and trustworthy DAO project you have to make a strong brand. PR activity is responsible for this aspect of business. Build PR strategy, evaluate industry leading crypto channels and make it real. PR promotion activities include Press releases, Company news distribution and Promo video. It will help not only to expand your reach, but also to introduce your project, build a particular image and show your internal kitchen.

Influence marketing

Collaboration with popular influencers will bring a huge impact on this field. Top YouTube KOLs are gaining millions of impressions and this can extremely expand your reach. Moreover it can empower your reputation as people usually trust bloggers.

    What are the other benefits here?
  • Engage audience into you project discussion
  • Tell the audience more about project via people they trust
  • Show your features and get reactions
    What formats of advertising are supported?
  • Native integration (native covering of your project without promotional evaluation)
  • Advertising integration (30 - 60 second integrations with product description and call to action)
  • Fully branded video (Full advertising video about your project with detailed review and evaluation)

Telegram advertising

Telegram is one of the most popular social networks nowadays, especially among crypto community. Plenty of personal blogs, news feeds and market overwatch channels are open for crypto projects promotion. Moreover, recently Telegram has launched their own advertising platform that is opening new borders for telegram advertisers.


All in all, everything listed above is only part of full complex of measurements that DAO projects can implement. Base your actions on your current resources and your target audience needs. Stay creative, build powerful brand and your numbers will hit All Time High.

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