Crypto Marketing Agency: How To Choose The Best One in 2022?

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Updated: 06.11.2022

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Digital assets are among the recent trends adopted by businesses, governments, and billionaires. The number of crypto-and blockchain-related startups keeps exploding; this is why tens of worthwhile crypto projects are frequently ignored due to insufficient marketing campaigns. According to CoinMarketCap, the overall number of issued cryptocurrencies has already surpassed the mark of 18 500.

Crypto and blockchain are definitely the most notable trends, and according to AMR the crypto market capitalization is about to reach $4.94 billion by 2030. The industry gains the attention of billionaires worldwide, and new startups have excellent chances to become the next breakthrough of the crypto market. A revolutionary idea, a set of competitive advantages, a strong team – that sounds enough to conquer the industry. Insufficient marketing crumbles your ambitions into dust.

No matter how revolutionary and innovative your crypto startup is, high-level marketing is a must. Crypto marketing agencies persuade the community to take a startup into consideration, dive into its competitive strengths. Here the question arises as to how one is able to find the best crypto marketing agency that meets a brand’s goals.

In-house Vs outsourced services: benefits and pitfalls

The first and foremost question lies in the necessity to narrow your choice. Dive deeper into the pros and cons of in-house and outsourced services to understand clearly which type of company you are going to apply to.

The difference is perfectly clear. In-house marketing companies keep required specialists among staff members while outsourced agencies handle the responsibility of your demands to third-party companies/freelancers. Statista points out that 54% of all businesses apply to outsourced marketing agencies. This is why, step over conservatism and take the pros and cons of every solution into account.

    Pros of outsourced marketing:
  • The solution is more time- and cost-effective. Outsourced marketing is a perfect way for startups to get some limited services, not ready-made packages. As such, businesses pay for what they truly use.
  • Outsourced marketing is scalable. That is not an obstacle if a startup needs more resources or some extra services.
  • Outsourcing is a way towards the most experienced services. A marketing agency understands its weak points and applies to vetted and approved third-party companies.
    Pros of in-house marketing:
  • All the marketing process is under the fullest control. One company is responsible for all the required aspects.
  • Information confidentiality is guaranteed. As for third-party companies, data leaks are possible (not common, but possible).
  • In-house marketing means that a company specializes in such services and has enough experience to gain attention towards your startup.

In a broad sense, both marketing options are possible. Point out the most important expectations to understand which working model meets them. The mix of both models is possible as well. For instance, get in-house marketing for the majority of required services and use outsourcing for some steps only (e.g., a PR article for crypto media).

Top-5 factors to take into account while choosing the best crypto marketing agency

The market is crowded by hundreds of marketing agencies, and you need to decide in favor to the best company that completely meets your needs. Consider the following key-note factors:

1. Experience

Consider the experience foremost. A high-level marketing agency understands the effective ways to promote crypto- and blockchain-related products. Sometimes, a company is a true shark of the marketing business; meanwhile, crypto marketing is a blank spot for it. Get some proof that an agency meets your brand’s goals.

General experience is of much account as well. Ask about deadlines, cooperation conditions, ways to resolve conflicts, and other issues your startup’s success depends on. Look through an agency’s portfolio to understand which projects have already dealt with that company. What kind of peaks have the given projects achieved?

Take it a step further! Contact some project teams from an agency’s list to ask them whether a company is worth dealing with.

2. Budget

Never neglect the budget issues as marketing prices are entirely different. Monthly expenses may vary from $2 500 to $12 000 – prices depend on your project and current goals; meanwhile, high cost is never a synonym of good quality. Unfortunately, some marketing agencies look at their clients and see paychecks and nothing more. Sometimes, a company with lower prices ends up with better results than agencies expecting million-dollar checks.

Look at your list of expenses to understand how much money you are ready to transfer to a crypto marketing agency and cut offers that are above the limit.

3. Trustworthiness

Startups need to understand which results a crypto marketing agency intends to achieve. A comprehensive marketing plan with clear strategy and steps is a must.

All the steps and promotion ways should be transparent. High-class marketing companies offer their clients diverse promotion options and let them decide. For instance, there are free and paid options to promote an NFT collection. The same refers to crypto startup marketing.

When you have doubts towards a company’s trustworthiness, ask as many questions as you need. That’s your right as a client. Feedback of previous clients is a reliable indicator as well.

4. Scope of services

A startup expects to get the fullest scope of services from a outsource digital marketing agency; this is why turnkey solutions are usually of much demand.

High-level agencies are responsible for diverse promotion options, web-sites, PR articles, etc. Furthermore, the best marketing agencies offer legal issues as well (e.g., they are ready to create a company in crypto-friendly jurisdictions). The more services are available, the better.

The other side of a coin exists as well. Clients need to have an opportunity to select specific services among the list of available ones. Packages frequently offer services you don’t need at all. Why should you pay for it?

5. Innovative strategies and current trends

Try to understand what you expect to get from a crypto marketing agency. When a company offers the scope of standard marketing services, there are few chances to explode the market through riveting the community’s attention. Top-rated agencies have some aces up their sleeves, they are aware of up-to-date trends and keep up with the time.

Stop signals. Keep your project aside from negative experience

In the search for a qualified marketing agency, startups face tons of offers. Companies put their accents on diverse aspects; meanwhile, there are some stop signals that show clients untrustworthiness of an agency. What are those signals?

An agency is known for promoting scam projects.

Unfortunately, the crypto market contains a lot of scam projects that use the growing popularity of digital assets for capitalizing on the exploding interest. Such projects have no value. When a company puts its hand to such crypto projects, its reputation is rather controversial. The community understands that all the projects promoted by a company can fall into the scam category as well.

A company is not interested in results, considering clients as paychecks.

Well, a crypto marketing agency should earn money, that is the universal truth; meanwhile, clients expect to get something instead. Some companies are not interested in cooperation details, do not dive deeper into a brand’s goals but force their clients to sign an agreement as soon as possible. Rush makes a bad impression and messages that a brand’s success is not among the agency’s priorities.

A marketing agency talks about unrealistic promises.

When you are ready to deal with a marketing agency, success is definitely your end goal; meanwhile, companies should be realistic. Some agencies give big promises and false hopes. For instance, they may offer your brand to become the most recognized within the crypto community whilst no startups promoted by a company previously have reached such a goal. Promises grounded on nothing are a bad signal.

Insufficient audit and market research leads to no success.

Startups expect to get an image of the whole situation on the preparatory stage. Top-rated companies create a presentation where the key competitors are outlined. Furthermore, the market research includes some promotion ways that are about to meet a brand’s goal. The more business owners get, the better. Sometimes, the situation goes another way. A preparatory presentation contains empty talk and no facts, competitors, and distinct thoughts. That means a marketing agency will help you with nothing.

No questions mark no interest

When you are going to discuss marketing details, questions are definitely good. Top-rated companies try to ask as many questions as possible (within reasonable limits) to better understand your expectations, future plans, brand’s goals, and more. When a company has no questions, some clients mistakenly consider this as high professionalism. In fact, an agency shows lack of interest.

As such, the herein mentioned signals may prevent your business from the wrong choice. Deal with marketing companies that are interested in paving the path towards success together.

Workflow stages: what does a reliable collaboration look like?

Haste means waste, and crypto marketing is not an exception. Don’t forget that you need enough time between the first contact with an agency representative and an agreement signed. Workflow consists of the following important stages:

1. Provide a marketing agency with the fullest information related your startup and goals

First and foremost, a top-rated agency needs to understand what a client expects to obtain. This said comprehensive information is a must. Outline your project’s strong and weak points, competitive advantages, future goals, its value, etc. Indicate everything you point out as important and meaningful facts.

2. A marketing agency holds audit and market research

Based on the received information, a high-level crypto marketing company holds audit and market research. An agency comes to an understanding which promotion options and marketing strategies are utilized by the same projects, what are the key community’s expectations, and more. In-depth market research helps a marketing company to put an accent on the most effective strategies and cut clients’ expenses.

3. Clients get a presentation where key points of the chosen marketing strategy are given

When you’ve provided a company with key information related to your brand, something is wanted in exchange. Startups expect professionals to outline their marketing views. The third step is all about such a presentation. Clients either understand that the proper market research together with innovative marketing options may lead their brand towards intended objectives, or they see a company that has no experience in the industry. This step is a distinctive one from the viewpoint of future collaboration.

4. Parties lead the KPI discussion and agree on a commercial offer

In case a presentation persuades you are moving to the right way, the KPI discussion is the next step. Never underestimate the importance of your KPI (Key Performance Indicator) discussion as the step affects your development strategy for the next months or even years. As for the commercial offer, it should contain clear goals to achieve with distinct terms for every stage.

5. A startup and a marketing agency sign an agreement

When all the previous steps ended successfully, two parties needed to sign an agreement. As a business owner you understand that a marketing agency is professional and experienced enough and your brand’s reputation is in safe hands. As for a crypto marketing company, they understand your goals, expectations, key advantages, and ways to combine everything given into a powerful market product. Note that an agreement is possible after thoughtful discussion on every stage when no obstacles, pitfalls, and open questions remain.

Bottom line: don’t let unqualified marketing spoil your ideas

The crypto market is on fire now, and high-class projects based on a revolutionary and innovative idea have many chances to gain the community’s attention. Blockchain and crypto may revolutionize all the sectors.

When it comes to entering the market, never let rush affect your choice. Make a brief research of available marketing agencies that deal with crypto projects. Dive deeper into their portfolios, services, and prices. Take your time to start the collaboration with a company that meets your brand’s goals and personal expectations.

Crypto marketing is a playground for your project. You can be a talented superior player but it means nothing without a playground of good quality where all the skills are easily shown for the masses.

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